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We are... Logical Rednecks

Logical Rednecks? What Is That?

 As Logical Rednecks, we will serve and inspire by encouraging, motivating and pursuing our passion for the outdoors. We will promote and implement a spirit of adventure while providing support to those behind us that will positively impact lives.    

Who Are We and Why?

Pursue Your Passion!

Get Outdoors and Pursue your passion! You will never cultivate your passion by  just sitting around...

If you dream can achieve it!

We started with a simple plan based on the things we love, fishing and outdoors.  Through Logical Rednecks, we want to show those behind us that dreams can become reality.  My name is Cooper Thor and I'm a 3 year football Letterman at Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield, TX. If you don't find me on the football field you'll catch me with a rod in my hand!

Today's passion fuels tomorrow's success!

Our passion is the outdoors...our mission is to assist others in finding their outdoor passion and leading by example.  My name is Cade Rudiger and I attend Mansfield High School in Mansfield, TX.   If you don't find me on the soccer field, you will find me with a fishing rod in my hand.

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